Commitment - The Key

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Commitment - The Key

Eating Disorders

Commitment is the key. A person who claims to be committed to loosing weight, but later, gives in to temptation, has not truly committed. They have only "wished" to loose the weight. They have in fact made the choice that the cake or the double cheese pizza was more important than reaching their goal. Their highest priority was to continue to hide the pain, to feed the disorder and to, once again, disappoint oneself.

It is true, that when people are beginning to heal, it sometimes feels very painful. That is because they have chosen to experience their feelings instead of stuffing them back down with food, or purging themselves of them or depriving themselves of them. Once you give up the behavior that has kept you from "feeling," you will begin to feel things that you may not have experienced in a long time. This can be a very uncomfortable, but necessary process. And the longer it has been since you have truly been with your feelings the stranger it will seem. You will survive! Your feelings will not overcome you! Learning to experience your feeling on a daily basis will eventually feel normal; and it will be far less painful than it seems when you first begin the process.

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