Impulse Disorders

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Agression Indicator

I am sometimes overcome with jealousy.
Some people have pushed me so far that it came to blows.
Sometimes I fly off the handle for no good reason.
When people are especially nice to me, I wonder what they want.
I have made threats to people I know.
If provoked enough, I might hit someone or throw something.
My friends would say I can get argumentative.
I often find myself disagreeing with people.
I sometimes feel like a powder keg ready to explode.
At times I can't control the urge to strike another person.
I know my friends talk about me behind my back.
I get into fights a little more often than the average person.
I flare up quickly but get over it quickly.
When frustrated I let my irritation show.
When people annoy me I may tell them what I think of them.
I get irritated when others cannot see that I'm right.
I have trouble controlling my temper.
At times I feel that I've gotten a raw deal out of life.
If I have to resort to violence, I will.
Some of my friends think I'm a hothead.
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